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In the last few articles I had been telling you how to use your knowledge in order to make your own information product in form of an e-book. In this article I have further expanded this idea. This idea is especially suitable for moms who want to work from home as they are forced to stay at home because of their kids.

Work at home idea for stay at home moms

It can be really cumbersome for the new mom to take care of her first new born kid. Let us assume that you are a mother of three kids and have faced all those problems which a new mother is likely to face. You can write articles about different problems you faced and how you tackled each of them. A few examples are: what do you do if the baby does not stop crying, how do you develop a proper sleep schedule for the baby, how often do you feed your baby? How to develop a sleep routine for new born babies? How and when to start weaning? etc, etc. You can write articles on numerous such topics and then compile them into a nice e-book. This e-book is likely to attract attention of lot of pregnant ladies and new mothers. You can sell this book on your website or online store. If you are successful in your first venture, you can come up with another book dealing with toddlers and their problems. In fact you can come up with a whole series of e-books each dealing with a particular stage of child’s growth starting from new-born baby to toddler to school going age to adolescence. Once you start you will come across plenty of articles you could include in your e-books. See how simple that is, all you will have to do is to design a website, put your e-book for sale and then promote your website. You can also add advertisements related to baby products. You can exchange links with the related sites. Once your the site starts selling well, you can also plug in an affiliate program to really boost profits. When someone visits your site to read an article about weaning, she may get interested in an advertisement on your site dealing with baby food. She might decide to click on it and even buy it if she likes. You earn a little commission from the sale of the baby food. In the long run she applied the weaning tip you had mentioned in the article, so she took note of your site. The baby really loved the baby food. So she starts to buy it on a regular basis meaning regular commission for you. She frequently visits your site whenever the baby has any problem, and then finally decides to buy your e-book (all the series) because she really finds them useful. But then she has a better idea she decides to become an affiliate and thus earns commission on the purchase of those e- books. She organizes a birthday party for her kid. During the party she mentions about your e-book to all the other mothers. Many get immediately interested and decide to buy it from her. Being an affiliate she earns commission on the sales. And for you, there is increased traffic to your site, without you doing any advertising and there are increased sales. You might have given a certain amount of commission to your affiliate but you didn’t spent anything from your pocket after that initial sum you had invested in your website and e-book. See how simple it is even for a mother of three kids to run a home based business by staying at home and selling her own knowledge in form of an e-book. You don’t have to be a MBA or an internet guru to do this.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


This article is continuation of the previous article 'Using your knowledge to build a website'.Make sure you have read it first.You might be wondering, now I have designed my content rich niche website, how do I make money from it?This article will deal with that.

How to convert your ‘content rich niche website into a money generating machine?

The various options which you can use to convert your 'content rich niche website' into a money generating tool have been listed below.You can follow either one of them or use all four of them together in order to convert your content rich niche website into a money generating machine.

Option#1: Join an affiliate program:

If you don't have a product of your own to sell from your website, this is not a problem because there are thousands of companies out there that will allow you to advertise their products for them.
To do this, you will become an affiliate. An affiliate is an individual who advertises another company's product or service in return for a commission for each sale produced. There are thousands of affiliate based companies on the Internet looking for people like you to advertise their products.
One of these companies which allows you to become an affiliate for free is SFI. SFI is a source for hundreds of quality products & services for your home, business, and family. (There are about 600 products ranging from common house hold items to nutritional supplements and weight losing products to business tools). You can take a look at the products available to you by clicking here. If you have already joined SFI, you can take a look at the products available in your personalized veruni store by typing in the browser address bar. Replace xxxx with your SFI ID.
If you have not yet joined SFI, click here to join SFI.
So sticking with coffee idea it would be good to be able to find a company that sells coffee and then place some of the coffee ads on your site. People having some sort of interest for coffee will visit your site, they might get interested in buying coffee when they see the ad on your site. You can then link your website visitors (via your special affiliate link), to the company's website where they can make a purchase. The company will detect that the visitor came from you and pay you a commission on the sale. For e.g. if you have signed up for SFI, you could place a banner ad for purjava on your website. You could also include-- at the top of the newsletter -- a link to your SFI Veriuni Store, which shows your customers how to buy PurJava liquid coffee. Pur Java is one of SFI’s products which you would be selling. People reading your newsletter surely is interested in coffee, they are very likely to buy the product. In fact if you want to try this delicious coffee for yourself, click here.
PurJava liquid coffee concentrate is the easy way to make just the amount of coffee you want—with no waste. PurJava coffee is obtained from growers and then shipped by air to ensure freshness. Produced in Lincoln, Nebraska, PurJava is created using a cold water process for pure coffee taste. The water is filtered and then purified in a way that extracts the maximum amount of pure coffee flavor.
People reading your newsletter might get interested in buying pur java coffee and thus earn you a commission. Also since coffee is a consumable product, if a person likes your product he will place an order again and again earning you a commission each time he orders. Thus you get your commissions without doing anything. Your initial effort was all that was required. This type of income is known as residual income, which SFI gives you.
You could add advertisements of other related products like cook books, recipe books etc. There are a number of coffee related books at . You can join its affiliate program and earn commission on books bought by the visitors from your site.

Option#2: Sell advertising space on your website: You can sell advertising space on your website to companies who could benefit from the visitors on your website. For example sticking with the coffee idea some coffee manufacturing company might want to put up a banner ad on your site, and they agree to pay you a certain fixed amount of money every time your visitor clicks their ad (CPC or cost per click).
Option #3: Selling your own knowledge in form of an E-book: compiling an E-book and selling it on your site is another way of making money from your site. Sticking with the same coffee idea, you can make an E-book by compiling selected quality recipes not available freely on your site and can sell your e-book. You can include some very good coffee making tips which you have not disclosed on your site. When people visit your site they see the free coffee recipes which are available on your site for general public, they might like them and would get interested in buying your not so expensive e-book containing hundreds of good quality recipes. An added advantage for you is that you can advertise your e-book on your site . In fact you can also make another E-book by compiling your free recipes and giving it for free to your visitors. Even though the recipes might be free on your site, giving them away free in your E-book can prove to be very beneficial. If they have your E-book they will get a repeated exposure to your ad for the paid E-book and may end up buying it from you.
Option#4: Make money through google adsense:In order to know in brief about google adsense click here.

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This article is a continuation of the previous articles and tells you how you can use your own knowlege to build up a website.
Using your knowledge to build a website
If you don’t have a local brick and mortar type of business or you can’t think of a hobby which you can convert into a business idea, don’t worry you still have the option of utilizing your knowledge and making a content rich niche website. You can set up a website to provide useful information and even earn money from it. You can look inside yourself and find your own unique concept for building a website. Each of us has knowledge about few things which others don’t know about. you can make use of this knowledge to build your online business.
In a nutshell, when you are starting from scratch, you must plan to build a Content rich Site which focuses on a specific theme (niche).
Niche Website is a site that is clearly focuses on a single product or a single market segment or a single theme. To be more specific you must try to build a content rich niche website. You must look for an un served or underserved niche market.
In today’s world when you can’t find something, you don’t look for it in the encyclopedia like you did in the olden days; instead you surf for it on the internet by going to your favorite search engine. The Internet is vast and most people looking for information or products on the Internet use search engines to find them. In order to get your site noticed on the Internet you need to get listed in these engines. If your site is listed in the first three pages on doing a search engine based search, it has a high probability of being read by the people looking for that term.
Now how to look for an idea inside yourself:

Do this exercise when you are really feeling fresh, after taking a nap, after taking a long relaxing shower or after a good night sleep:

List down, all your hobbies, passions, pastimes, interests and daily activities on a piece of paper. Think about the things you do everyday, think about the things you are really passionate about.
Then go down the memory lane, list up the things you did as a child, in school, in college and so on. Ask your friends, relatives, and people you are close to make a list of the things which they think you like to do. Compare their list with your own. If you have missed something add it to your list.
If you can’t think of something yourself, think about people around you, your friends and relatives, think about the things they do and their hobbies, list them down too.

Out of the list select three concepts which appeal to you the most. At this point don’t think about website or business or money just think about things you are really passionate about. If you are really passionate about your topic, you will remain highly motivated through out and will keep working on it. Hence you will definitely achieve your goal. If you are not passionate enough about an idea you will soon get demotivated, lose your interest, become frustrated and give up even before you have begun.

For e.g.: Let’s say that the list of three concepts which appeal to you most turns out to be:
Drinking coffee
Now you might think ‘this is a very bizarre list, how do I begin from this’. You must be wondering 'How can I do business with any of these'?
In fact you can start business based on any of these ideas:
Let’s take the first one: cooking for example.
Let’s imagine that you have your own set of Christmas recipes running in your family which probably you have learnt from your parents or grandparents and you think they are really unique and yummy. Let’s also imagine that you would not get them in any of the recipe books. (You just cannot copy recipes from a book on your site without taking permission from the author). You can start your own website something like in which you can list down various recipes under headings like: starters (subheadings: soup etc), main course dishes (subheadings: vegetarian, non-vegetarian etc), salads (subheadings: vegetarian, non-vegetarian etc), desserts (subheadings puddings, Christmas cakes, trifles etc) etc. If you want to add more pages to your website, you can include other sections like: snacks ( subheadings: sandwiches, cookies, biscuits, short bread, muffins, pastries etc) low calorie recipes, recipes for the diabetic, gluten free recipes, recipes for kids, etc. No Christmas lunch or dinner is complete without a good wine selection or a delicious cheese board. You can include a section about wines and another one on cheese.
Let’s take your second interest: drinking coffee:
Let’s imagine that you are really crazy about coffee and you could do anything to get a good refreshing cup of coffee. You keep experimenting with different coffee brands and keep trying new ways for making different types of coffees. You know how to make many dishes using coffee. You might be having your own special technique for making different types of coffees. You could make a website exclusively dealing with coffee and put all this information on it or you could club it up with and make a subsection for coffee, in which you could put all this information. You can write about different types of coffees (e.g. Espresso, Café Americano, Café Latte, Cappuccino, Café Mocha, Fresh Brewed Filter Coffee, etc). You could write about different types of coffees available world wide.
You could even ask your visitors to submit their own favorite recipes or any ‘interesting coffee fact’ and put them on the website with their names and a link to their sites (if they have one). Then you can create a newsletter (monthly or weekly) that would concentrate on a special recipe, which you can call ‘recipe of the month/ week’.
Presence of a website allows visitors all over the world to submit their recipes. Interesting recipes with coffee are made world wide (e.g. ‘Afogato is a classic Italian dessert which is simply made by pouring freshly made espresso coffee over scoops of vanilla ice-cream.) Such International recipes present on your site will attract visitors from all over the world. You can frequently add new recipes on your site to encourage your visitors to visit again and again to find what is new. You can include your own thoughts and other related information you can collect related to coffee. You can include nutritional information about each of your dishes, tips for healthy living, etc.
Talking about the basketball idea:

Let’s imagine it is not you but your brother or friend who is crazy about basketball and loves to collect basket ball related news. He has got videos of most of the interesting matches. He has even made a scrapbook containing pictures of his favourite players and news paper cuttings related to basketball. He has written articles describing some of the favourite and interesting matches; he has even written articles about his favourite players, their life and their game. He has collected information related to history of basketball and how the game evolved over centuries. Provided he agrees to give you his favourite scrapbook, you can covert it into a web-site explaining everything about the game, players and can keep collecting and adding the latest news related to basketball. You can even add the video clippings showing highlights of some interesting matches, which your visitors can view. You can even add a gossip column about basket ball players to make your site juicier.
Whatever site you make, you must make sure that your site is loaded with useful information. 'Content is the King' is famous in webmaster’s terminology. Search engines love sites rich in information. What ever your theme is, use your imagination to find what all information you can add to your site.
Now you have created a content rich niche website. You must be wondering,'How do I make money from this web-site? The next article will show you HOW.

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This article further elaborates, how building an online store (website) for your local brick and mortar type of business will help you in expanding your business.
Website for your local business
Any local (brick and mortar) business you are at presently engaged in could do a lot better if you have its website too. An AC Nielsen survey recently reported that 53 percent of online shoppers planned to buy even more on the Internet in the coming years. It is but natural that the customers might be initially reluctant to buy something online, from you. However if you provide excellent customer services your customers would soon discover a unique quality product which they can acquire conveniently, quickly and easily, just by a single click. An online purchase can provide so much happiness and satisfaction that your customer will be tempted to buy your product again and again after buying your product online once.
Even if your customers don’t buy anything online, the first time they see your product the image of your product would remain buried deep in their sub-conscience. They may later make up their mind to buy your product. Thus your website not only acts as your ONLINE STORE, it acts as an ADVERTISEMENT (for life) for your product as well. Your customers will get all the information about your products and services from your website. If they like it they may buy it later from your store. Convincing the customers to buy a product online maybe initially difficult, but once they do buy and they are happy with your product and services, they will order again and again as they would find it completely hassle free and easy.
Every community has several small businesses - restaurants, service stations, barbers, hair dressers, lawn services, pawn shops, gyms, spas, florists, gift shops, dentist’s shops etc; the list goes on and on….
In today’s world, every one of these businesses can benefit from a professional presence on the World Wide Web.


Say you own a local restaurant, lets call it’ ‘my restaurant’. You can take your business online by opening its website, which could be called
Your website will enable your customers to browse your standard menu along with their prices and the composition of various dishes. You must place your order phone number on your website so that your customers can use it for placing their take-away orders and making reservations.
How to use your website to increase your business sales ?
Here are a few things you can incorporate in your website to increase sales. I will be explaining these tips in reference to the example of developing a website for a local restaurant, but these tips can be and must be incorporated into any type of business and will tremendously help in increasing sales.
1. Creating a visual picture of your restaurant: On the main page you must include nice pictures of your restaurant so that your visitors get to know the ambience and the level of luxury you shall be offering them. They should be able to form a visual picture of your restaurant in their minds You can add extra pages in which you describe the various dishes, so that the customers, who are not actually aware of the contents of a particular dish, can read the contents, method of preparation and then order according to their taste. You must also add mouth watering photos of the dishes. This shall attract the customers even more. It is a good idea to include the pictures of the restaurant owner and other staff members, this helps in building your trust and credibility .There is a famous Chinese proverb which says," I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand". People tend to remember pictures for the longest time, they might not remember the written materials but they would definitely remember the photographs.

2. Building up a subscriber’s list : Include an option for signing up for a free newsletter. You can send your newsletter on weekly or monthly basis (whatever is convenient for you). In that newsletter You can keep your customers updated about the important changes taking place in your restaurant e.g. new dishes being introduced etc. You can offer them a discount on particular dishes if they order online . As the festive season approaches, you can prepare a special menu for the festive season. You can send these details to your customers well in advance so they can plan to visit your restaurant. Offer them a discount for making their bookings well in advance. When you ask them to sign up for your newsletter ask them to enter birthdays of all their family members. Just before the date approaches send them a newsletter offering them some discount for arranging a birthday party at your restaurant.

3. About us section: You must include an 'about us' section, in which you can mention the history of your business, how many years of experience you and your cooks have etc. You must include a detailed address along with a map if possible, highlighting the major landmarks near your restaurant so that your customers can reach you easily. Telling them where they can park their vehicles might encourage them further to visit you. Adding your photograph gives people an impression that they are dealing with live people and not a machine. This helps in building their trust and credibility.

4. Give away free stuff: to your customers for signing up for your newsletter or for filling the feed back form. You can compile a few recipes in to an e-book which you can give away for free. You can offer them a discount for referring a friend to you.

5. Feed back form: You must request your visitors to fill in a feed back form in which you can ask them the following:

a. Suggestions,
b. Things which require improvement
c. New recipes they would like to be included
d. Their favorite recipes
e. Dishes they didn’t like
f. Any complaints
g. How did they like the service?
After collecting this information you must compile all the information and work on it. For e.g. many people complaining about a slow service means you must intervene and look for a problem, which is there most probably and try to sort it out.

6. FAQ section: might not be so useful for the restaurant example but other businesses must have a section which gives answers to the questions which are frequently asked by their customers. Many people have queries before buying, if they are solved the customer readily makes up his mind to buy a product.

7. Contact us: giving your contact details helps in building your customer’s trust in you.

8. Supply other stuff online: As your business grows you can add a bakery section and take orders and payments for supplying birthday and wedding cakes online.

9. Tracking your website customers: If you give a phone number on your website which is different from the number regularly used in the restaurant, you can easily track which of your customers have come through your website. The ideas how you can increase sales from your website are endless. You just need to let your imagination run and put in some hard work.


This article is continuation of the above article and focusses on how you can convert your hobby into a business idea
Convert your hobby into a business idea
Simple hobbies can be converted in to a business. Many people are selling home made handicrafts etc on internet and are earning decently from it. You too can utilize your hobby to earn full time or part time income by setting up a website and promoting your business online. For e.g. if you love painting or photography you can put up your paintings or photographs on sale on your online store or your website. You can easily set up an online store, selling birthday and wedding cakes, hand embroidered gift items, hand knitted babies clothes or almost anything based on your hobby. Convert your hobby into a business idea and make a flourishing online business.
You might be thinking,’ this is all crap; this does not work in real life’. Let me give you a few real examples of how people have converted their hobbies into a business idea and are making a decent living from it. I read in the Reader Digest magazine about how a mother of three, Mrs. Anthea Coutler from Perth shire, United Kingdom, set up her own website to sell home grown herbs, vegetables and flowers. The site earned her £5000 in the first year. I also read about publisher Marco Gandolfi, 36, from London who has turned his love for music into a business by running a music news website. On his site he runs stories of on all kinds of music, easily earning £500-£1000 per month. There is another example from Australia; Mrs Emily Hay, runs a small home business based in Northern New South Wales, Australia. Being a great admirer of nature and wild life, she had become greatly concerned about the number of plastic bags polluting the environment and killing wild life. She decided to do something about it. Fashion designer and a pattern-maker by trade, she created a bag using some left over fabric. She saw the potential of making a bag similar in design to the supermarket plastic bag but using a durable, lightweight fabric. She named this environment friendly bag as ‘ECOSILK BAG’. The bags are very compact, enabling a shopper to easily take several in a handbag to the supermarket and eliminate plastic bags completely from the shopping. Soon she was in business with her ‘Ecosilk bags’ and a website. Now she has a flourishing online business, which she runs from home and makes a full time earning from . You can find thousands of such examples of how people have converted their hobby into a business idea.
However, you cannot create a successful online business if you aren't passionate about the idea upon which your business is based.
So "Find something that you really love and put your whole heart into it" Brian Tracy.
You must try to choose a subject about which you are passionate and knowledgeable and you don’t mind spending hours on it. Don’t choose a market because it seems to be hot. Do not create something which is exactly similar to something that is already successful. Rather, in order to gain an edge over your competitors use simple tricks like: Keep your price lower than the usual market or offer discounts or bonuses with your product. This will certainly help your product sell. Bring about some element of uniqueness in your product, this will also give you an edge over your competitors
Keep in mind that this is not a “get-rich-quick” scheme; you are building a business, not just a website. You need to bring in a lot of effort, motivation, patience, passion and persistence in order to succeed. Be prepared to work on your website day after day, week after week and month after months for years to come.
Doing a little bit daily is what is required and soon you will have a flourishing online business.
Remember,"The greatest of all mistakes is to do nothing because you can only do a little. Do what you can"
Sydney Smith.


This article will help outline the basic idea upon which you can base your online business.
Ideas for building an online business
Before you start an online business, you need to have a plan. Always remember a quote by Sir Benjamin Franklin : " By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail". Before you start a business based on any idea, spend a good amount of time thinking about the idea for your business. Then carefully draw your business plan. Your business plan must include the following:

What exactly do you plan to do?
What will be your products?
What will be you advertising and marketing strategy?
How will you finance your business?
What are the milestones which you aim at achieving?

Once your plan is set up, you should begin step by step, completing each step with complete dedication and going to the next one only when the first one is fully complete.
Right now you just need to focus on first two questions.
Lets Consider the first question:
What exactly do you plan to do?

Do you want to build your own online business from Scratch?
Do you want to join a free business opportunity like SFI? (SFI stands for Safe Future International. You can find out more about SFI by clicking here). If you haven't yet joined SFI, click here to join for free.
Do you already have an existing offline business? You can further expand your business and make it international by opening an online store (website) for it. The best way is to run an online store along with your existing offline store.
Now lets consider the second question:

What will be your products?
If you already have an existing offline business then it will be easy for you as you can sell the same goods online that you sell in your existing brick and mortar business. For e.g. if you sell toys in your offline store, you can expand your business further by selling these toys in your online store too. You can open your online store by making a website by name of your offline store e.g.
If you wish to join SFI, then also you need not worry about what products to sell as SFI gives you an option of over 600 everyday use consumable products to choose from. Click here to see these products. You can choose the product you want to promote.
If you want to build a brand new business for yourself you can do one of the following:

Convert your hobby into a business idea and make a flourishing online business: Simple hobbies can be converted in to a business. Many people are selling home made handicrafts etc on internet and are earning decently from it. You too can utilize your hobby to help you earn full time or part time earning by setting up a website and promoting your business online. For e.g.: if you love painting or photography you can put up your paintings or photographs on sale on your online store or your website. You can easily set up an online store, selling birthday and wedding cakes, hand embroidered gift items, hand knitted babies clothes, almost anything based on your hobby. Convert your hobby into a business idea and make a flourishing online business

Use your knowledge to build a website:
If you don’t have a local brick and mortar type of business or you can’t think of a hobby which you can convert into a business idea, don’t worry you still have the option of utilizing your knowledge and making a content rich niche website. (I will be telling you how?)You can set up a website to provide useful information and even earn money from it. You can look inside yourself and find your own unique concept for building a website. Each of us has knowledge about few things which others don’t know about. You too can make use of this knowledge and build a website based on it.

I shall be talking in detail about these two above mentioned options in my next articles

Thursday, May 18, 2006


This article aims at clearing a few common misconceptions which many people have regarding working from home by opening an online business.
Clearing your misconceptions regarding opening an online business

"Argue for your limitations and, sure enough, they're yours."Richard Bach
Stop your-self from giving excuses for opening an online business. Before you start an online business from home, it is important to clear a few misconceptions which have been stopping you to venture in an online world:

Misconception#1: working at home means spending time with the kids and watching the telly:

Working from home does not mean that you can spend all your time playing with the kids and watching the telly. You need to work and put in a lot of hard work to be able to earn some money. When you are working from home, the only difference is that you are not at the office. But you need to understand that you need to put in the same or probably more efforts as you would put when you work in an office. Initially you can work from home on part-time basis and later make it full time. Since you are your own boss, you can mould your work around the type of lifestyle you want. The beauty of setting up an online business is that the more efforts you put in your business, the more you tend to earn. There is a popular saying:"The only place that success comes before work is in the dictionary." You must always remember that if you’re not willing to give a business at least a year, don’t even bother getting involved in a business opportunity. Understand: it takes time to draw a business plan. It takes time to figure out what marketing and advertising activities are most useful for you. If you’re not thinking long term, you’ve set yourself up for failure. It's true that success does not happen overnight but GRADUALLY through persistence and education. Most people start online business with the dream of turing rich the next day. When they fail to do so they quit and spread bad words saying that the online business does not help you earn any money.

Misconception#2: working from home is very simple:

Working at home requires a lot of motivation on your part. At home there are a lot of things waiting to distract you. You might want to watch your favorite sitcom on TV or you might want to help your kids with the smallest things. If you are a perfectionist, consider a common scenario: you might get distracted by a newspaper lying on the carpet. As you get up to remove it you see the laundry bag which is full and waiting. As you deal with it, your kids start calling you. If you keep getting distracted like this it can become very difficult to work with sufficient amount of concentration.

Misconception#3: It is easy to work as your own boss:

Many people think that it is relatively easy to work when you don’t have a boss standing and shouting on your head. On the contrary many people get lazy when they don’t have deadlines within which they have to complete a particular task. It is human psychology that we tend to work better under stress and fear. At home if you to get lax your work will suffer.
You need to make your kids and other people understand that if you are working at home does not mean that you are available to them any time.

Tips to effectively work from home:

  • Set up a separate office for yourself. Convert your store room into an office. Set up a table and chair for yourself. Make your office environment lively. Arrange a few pots. Put fresh flowers in the flower vase everyday.
  • Make sure that you family and friends know that you are not to be disturbed especially for social talks when you are working. Avoid taking friendly calls during your working hours at home. If possible get a different phone line for your business purposes.
    Train your kids to disturb you only if there is an emergency. They should not keep disturbing you for every small thing.
  • Make your daily time–table. Follow it strictly. Set up a time limit for each task. Set up your own deadlines. Make sure you have completed all the set targets before you go to sleep everyday.
  • Develop a reward and punish system for yourself to help maintain self control and self discipline.

    Misconception#4: work at home sites are all scam:

True, that there are a lot of scams going on the internet but if you do a little research and choose an option wisely especially something like opening an online business, it will definitely work for you. Making money on the internet is no longer a myth, it is hard core fact. It is true that there are a lot of scams going on over internet. However one must realize that there is nothing like a ‘get rich overnight’ scheme.’ Making millions of dollars on internet, without much effort from your part’ is NOT TRUE. One must not get involved in these ‘quick get rich’ types of online scams. If you get involved in an online business, you must be prepared to give in your time and efforts. However not a lot of your time or efforts are required, what is more important is consistency from your side. Any business takes some time to mature; same is true for an online business. Don’t venture out expecting overnight miracles. Nothing of this sort is going to happen. Most people think that they can make a fortune in a day by starting an online business. You might be able to make a fortune in a day once your business is well established and starts flourishing.
"No great thing is created suddenly, any more than a bunch of grapes or a fig. If you tell me that you desire a fig, I answer you that there must be time. Let it first blossom, then bear fruit, then ripen".
Give time to your online business to grow and flourish. Only then you will get the fruits.

Misconception#5: I can start an online business only if I am US resident:

If you are in an online business, it absolutely does not matter; you could be in any country of the world. You could be in Asia or Africa or on a small island, it absolutely does not matter. The only things that matter are that you should have an access to a computer and internet. The beauty of internet is such that you can communicate with any one in any part of the world. It does not matter which time zone you are in or what is your ethnicity and culture. Your website is working for you 24/7, 365 days a year, even when you are sleeping.
However there are a few things which you must consider.
One of the most important things you need to consider is language. Your website should be in English preferably, no matter to what part of the world you belong to. Even if your website is in a regional language, make sure you provide a provision on your website so that people can translate it into English. Most of the internet users belong to USA, followed by UK, Australia and Europe. However use of internet is generally increasing all over the world, be it Africa or Asia. However you don’t need excellent English speaking or writing skills.
International shipping facilities: Make sure you have facilities for shipping your product to various countries. This is not a problem if your product is in form of an e-book or software product, which can be downloaded at zero shipping cost.
Currency can be another problem. But you can easily sort that out by accepting all kinds of credit card payments.

Misconception#6: Lots of fraud takes place on internet just to rip your money off: Most people don’t venture out into a home business simply because they are scared as feel they will land in some kind of fraud and they will be made to spend a lot of money. We have often heard,’ there are a lot of scams going on, on the internet. These scams will cause you to lose every dime and you will end up broke, disheartened and cheated upon'. True there are a lot of scams happening over the net, but among them there are a few genuine programs too, like SFI which help people make a decent living right from their home, all by themselves. Before you join SFI, I can assure you that it is a completely honest and genuine program. You can check hundreds of testimonials regarding the genuineness of this program. You can check the SFI discussion board and talk to real people who are making full time income through SFI. If you have any doubts regarding SFI, you can either ask me in the comments section or ask on the SFI discussion board.
Instead of joining SFI if you build your own business, again you can be sure that it is scam free because you are the one who is creating it.
Misconception#7: I will have to spend a lot of money in order to open an online business and work from home: You need not spend a dime in order to join SFI. In fact if you are a bit entrepreneurial, you can easily progress to higher levels without spending any money from your pocket. The main thing on which you might have to spend a little money is advertising your business. Don’t worry you need not have to spend a lot of money on advertising ( about 50$ per month or even less depending on the amount of time you devote towards SFI). I will be telling you about many free resources which will help you advertise your business at no cost. Also there will be a wealth of useful information available to you when you join SFI.

If you are planning to create your own business, you might be wondering about the cost of the goods that you would be selling on your online store. Well, in the next few articles I shall be telling you about how to make and sell your own product for virtually no cost. I shall be also telling you how to build and maintain an online store at minimal cost.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Hi,Today I want to share a new idea with you, the idea of working from home. Today’s article will provide you with many reasons to work from home.

Why work from home- Reasons to motivate you

Think of the reasons why you want to work from home and earn some extra money. I am sure even you would be able to associate your self with a few of below mentioned reasons for starting to work from home.

Maybe you are too tired of the rat race and sick and tired of commuting to your office. You don’t want to spend hours in buses and train everyday.
You are working for a boss who never seems happy with you and is always looking for some reason or the other to put you down. You are under stress all the time. When you come back home you are just too tired and stressed out.
You cannot spend quality time with your kids. You don’t have time to play with your kids. You want to see your kids grow, participate in their activities and games, read them stories, watch them smile. You want to capture moments of your child’s growth, when your child first started walking, or first climbed the stair, but you missed it all because you are never at home. You are working to make both ends meet, you are working to ensure a secure future for your kids and family with whom you are dying to spend some quality time.
Maybe you are retired and short of money, you don’t want to indulge in too much physical activity and want a work at home job which can be easily moulded around your existing schedule.
May be you are just looking for some extra income, to supplement your existing job.
Maybe you want a new car. You have a small hatchback, which is enough for you and you wife, but you want to have kids and so you need a bigger car. You have your eyes on BMW, but you don’t have a clue about how to arrange the finances.
Maybe you need a bigger house, especially because you are awaiting the arrival of your second kid. You are a mom now, you cannot afford to stay out of your house for long hours, and you don’t trust your kids with the baby sitters. After all they are your kids, your blood. But giving up your existing job means you might land up in a debt. You wish you could stay at home, take care of your kids and at the same time contribute towards the family income; home based job is the best opportunity for you.

If you have a strong reason as a driving force, you are more like likely to succeed. Your motivating force will prevent you from giving up. Everyone has good days and bad days, you will have them too. When ever you feel like giving up, think of your reason and ask yourself why I am doing all this? Imagine things that you would do if you really could achieve that financial freedom you are looking for. Start dreaming your dreams. What will happen when they become true? Don’t worry they will turn true eventually. The key is not to give up. Keep doing your bit of work piece by piece day by day and it will soon materialize into a beautiful picture. Just stay focussed and don’t give up even before you actually begin. You might just get frightened on being exposed to a lot of information, which for most of us is something very new. Just take new things in your stride, keep reading, learning and working. The end of the tunnel is just about to come. Beside these think of the things you had always dreamt of, you could pursue them since you would have a lot of free time at hand to do so. Maybe you wanted to go on a world tour and enjoy nature’s wonders or maybe something like doing social service for which you never had time or money, you could do them now.
Just like every thing else in life, working at home has it's own pros and cons. But then, in face of so many advantages if you do have to face a few disadvantages, it surely cannot stop you from working from home

Now a little advise for today. Tonight when you sleep, think of all those things you could do by working from home. But before you go off to sleep take your first step. Click here to join for free in case you haven’t done so. When you wake up next morning you shall be bursting with energy to work from home. Tommorow will come with a promise of financial security for you.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


This article with highlight the major advantages of opening an online business.
Benefits of opening an online business
Ability to build a global business: Web-based sales have no international boundaries. Even before you realize your product would become an international commodity. I am sure that you had never imagined that you could do this sitting at home. Power of World Wide Web and internet is really enormous. Almost every business can be enhanced with a website, even if your business just operates locally. Creating your own website (online store), either to publicize your own offline business or simply as a business in its own, is a useful thing to do and in the course of time turns out to be a potential goldmine. By going online, suddenly a neighborhood bakery or a service catering to the local population becomes available nationally even internationally. You have the ability to reach millions of people residing all over the world, right from the comfort of your own house. In fact it is possible to build an international business without having to travel to different places or even without having to move out of your own house. When starting an online business, it doesn't matter where you live. It makes no difference what country you live in or what time zone you are in or what are your cultural and ethical values. The ONLY thing you need to make sure is that your site is in English or you provide an English translation of your website, in case it is in some local language. This is so as 90% of the Internet users speak and understand English.
The doors of an online business never close:
Your business is functional 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year. It is functional even when you are asleep or you are away on a holiday. Prospects can gather information from your website anytime of day, any place in the world, at the privacy of their own computer monitors wherever it may be, at anytime. You could be enjoying your holidays in Hawaii or on a mountain top, who cares? Your business is still running.
Sales and delivery process are automatic: Your customers can get an immediate access to your product even if you are not around. This is so especially if you are dealing with digital products like e-book or software. Your customers can get an immediate access to the product, just by a simple click of a mouse. They can download the product at their own convenience at what ever time they require. You need not be even around to offer them the product; your website does it for you. At a click of a mouse the customer is able to download your e-book and money is deposited directly in your account. You might be in deep slumber at this point of time, but no sweat, your website is doing business for you.
It is possible to automate your business:
In fact you can manage the entire business on your own. At the most if you do feel overburdened there are many tools ( e.g. auto responders) available on the net, which will help you save a lot of time by doing many things which might otherwise take up a lot of your time. You might initially not want to invest in these tools but as your business grows and your profits increase, it is worthwhile to invest in these tools. These tools help in expanding your business, increasing your profits and at the same time save loads of your time. You can utilize the extra time you get by concentrating on further expanding your business. You can come up with new ideas for marketing and advertising. You could even come up with newer products. Another option is that you can employ one or two people. A good option would be to hire some college student who might be able to help you with technical things like web designing and hosting and other technical stuff in order to make your website functional.
You need not have a huge mall or a large store to be able to attract customers:
On internet even a small business owner can appear to be as attractive and as functional as a large fancy showroom, even with a simple website. It does not cost a lot to build your online store.
Administrative costs are greatly reduced:
You need not hire a place for setting up your office. You can operate from your house. It is a good idea to convert an extra room or a store in your house into your office. Nowadays it does not cost a lot to set up your own website (online store). You don’t need to buy expensive machinery. All you need to set up an online business is a laptop, telephone and an internet connection. Setting up a brick and mortar type of business can take you months (even years). However you can set up an online business in less than a month’s time, if you work hard.
You don’t need a huge workforce of employees to run your business:
You need not hire salesmen to answer questions regarding your product. You can make this information available 24/7 on your site, by including an extensive FAQ section. In the FAQ section, make sure that you write answers to all possible questions you can think of regarding your product. Setting up a help desk and a discussion forum also helps customers greatly. It instills even more confidence in your customers that help would be available any time they require it.
Online advertising is cheaper and more effective:
With an online business you have two options for advertising. You can go for the traditional offline methods of advertising or simply use online methods of advertising. Online methods of advertising have a potential to reach a large customer base with little efforts. Online methods of advertising are much cheaper; in fact some of them are totally free.
Tracking your results:
It is possible to effectively track your results while using online methods of advertising. You can track the advertising source which is giving you maximum customers. You can identify such sources, invest your money and energy in them and see your sales grow. With offline advertising it is not possible to easily track out which sources are giving you maximum number of customers.
Ability to work from home: Starting an online business is a great way to work from home. Working from home helps you lead a lifestyle which you always desired. Working from home has its own advantages. Soon I will post the article:'Why work from home- Reasons to motivate you'.
I am sure I have given you enough reasons to make up your mind in order to start an online business.Click here to join for free. Just don’t let the desire of working from home to die within you.
good luck!


This article will tell you about why starting an online business in today’s world can prove to be a future goldmine. You must not get involved in some get quick rich type of scam on internet. Put in hard work and energy into your online business, you will soon develop a gold mine. You can reap the results of this gold mine for life.

Here I am with the first article as promised yesterday. It is a reality that a large number of ordinary people with no special skills or knowledge are now spending their leisure time selling hobbies and services on home computers and internet. Many people are now making full time income by working from home, doing their own home based business. Transactions involving millions of dollars are taking place everyday on internet. For e.g. E-bay had begun as a simple little Website to make it easy to trade Pez candy dispensers. This small site now has turned out to be a giant online auction place of about 2,000,000 shoppers a day with over $86,000,000.00 spent in purchases every day. Now you can imagine the potential of doing a business over internet.In fact you can utilize the large customer base of e-bay by integrating your business with e-bay. The web is a great place to shop and buy things; there is a lot of selling and buying going on, over the internet. This simply means that internet has a huge business potential. Computers, broad band, internet, mobile phones and software for designing websites have now become cheaper and more easily available. It is estimated that about 500,000 people start a new business every year. If you are a bit entrepreneurial, you can reach a large number of consumers instantly over internet. You can take advantage of the huge pool of potential customers with an access to internet and set your own online web store and make big money online.Besides this, there are other advantages too of opening an online business which I shall mention in the second chapterI hope by now you are motivated enough to venture out into an online business. Don’t let this motivation die off. Start dreaming of a life when you will have no scarcity of money once your online business starts flourishing. Keep this dream in your mind always. This will help you go a long way.I will soon try to post the next article,’ Benefits of opening an online business’ This article will address other advantages of opening an online business’.

welcome to my new blog

Hi all,
Welcome to my new blog. As the name suggests, the niche of my blog is based on online business. You can consider this blog as an online book or a course which will start right from the basics of an online business and then take you to more advanced topics. This blog basically will deal with how one can work from home by opening an online business and earn good amount of money from it. This blog will help all those people who are interested in working from home. This specially includes: stay at home moms, retired individuals, single parents, people who have been laid off from job, people who are confined to home due to disability or chronic sickness and basically any one who wants to work from home. In fact anyone who is looking for some extra money or wants to be self employed and be his own boss will find this opportunity very lucrative. So don’t miss this online work opportunity which will help you make some extra money by working either part time or full time. It does not matter if you don’t have any previous experience about managing a business. All you need is a computer, internet connection and a will to succeed. I shall be dividing this blog into sections. The first section shall be dealing with: ‘Basics of online business’. I understand that basics can get very boring at times but in order to know anything well you need to start right from basics. If the foundation is not strong, the building will fall. This section will prepare you with a strong foundation to succeed in your online venture. This section will deal with ideas to start an online business, how to operate from home and the basics of advertising your business.
I shall start with section 1 from tomorrow. Bye for now, see you soon with the next article.