Sunday, May 14, 2006


This article with highlight the major advantages of opening an online business.
Benefits of opening an online business
Ability to build a global business: Web-based sales have no international boundaries. Even before you realize your product would become an international commodity. I am sure that you had never imagined that you could do this sitting at home. Power of World Wide Web and internet is really enormous. Almost every business can be enhanced with a website, even if your business just operates locally. Creating your own website (online store), either to publicize your own offline business or simply as a business in its own, is a useful thing to do and in the course of time turns out to be a potential goldmine. By going online, suddenly a neighborhood bakery or a service catering to the local population becomes available nationally even internationally. You have the ability to reach millions of people residing all over the world, right from the comfort of your own house. In fact it is possible to build an international business without having to travel to different places or even without having to move out of your own house. When starting an online business, it doesn't matter where you live. It makes no difference what country you live in or what time zone you are in or what are your cultural and ethical values. The ONLY thing you need to make sure is that your site is in English or you provide an English translation of your website, in case it is in some local language. This is so as 90% of the Internet users speak and understand English.
The doors of an online business never close:
Your business is functional 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year. It is functional even when you are asleep or you are away on a holiday. Prospects can gather information from your website anytime of day, any place in the world, at the privacy of their own computer monitors wherever it may be, at anytime. You could be enjoying your holidays in Hawaii or on a mountain top, who cares? Your business is still running.
Sales and delivery process are automatic: Your customers can get an immediate access to your product even if you are not around. This is so especially if you are dealing with digital products like e-book or software. Your customers can get an immediate access to the product, just by a simple click of a mouse. They can download the product at their own convenience at what ever time they require. You need not be even around to offer them the product; your website does it for you. At a click of a mouse the customer is able to download your e-book and money is deposited directly in your account. You might be in deep slumber at this point of time, but no sweat, your website is doing business for you.
It is possible to automate your business:
In fact you can manage the entire business on your own. At the most if you do feel overburdened there are many tools ( e.g. auto responders) available on the net, which will help you save a lot of time by doing many things which might otherwise take up a lot of your time. You might initially not want to invest in these tools but as your business grows and your profits increase, it is worthwhile to invest in these tools. These tools help in expanding your business, increasing your profits and at the same time save loads of your time. You can utilize the extra time you get by concentrating on further expanding your business. You can come up with new ideas for marketing and advertising. You could even come up with newer products. Another option is that you can employ one or two people. A good option would be to hire some college student who might be able to help you with technical things like web designing and hosting and other technical stuff in order to make your website functional.
You need not have a huge mall or a large store to be able to attract customers:
On internet even a small business owner can appear to be as attractive and as functional as a large fancy showroom, even with a simple website. It does not cost a lot to build your online store.
Administrative costs are greatly reduced:
You need not hire a place for setting up your office. You can operate from your house. It is a good idea to convert an extra room or a store in your house into your office. Nowadays it does not cost a lot to set up your own website (online store). You don’t need to buy expensive machinery. All you need to set up an online business is a laptop, telephone and an internet connection. Setting up a brick and mortar type of business can take you months (even years). However you can set up an online business in less than a month’s time, if you work hard.
You don’t need a huge workforce of employees to run your business:
You need not hire salesmen to answer questions regarding your product. You can make this information available 24/7 on your site, by including an extensive FAQ section. In the FAQ section, make sure that you write answers to all possible questions you can think of regarding your product. Setting up a help desk and a discussion forum also helps customers greatly. It instills even more confidence in your customers that help would be available any time they require it.
Online advertising is cheaper and more effective:
With an online business you have two options for advertising. You can go for the traditional offline methods of advertising or simply use online methods of advertising. Online methods of advertising have a potential to reach a large customer base with little efforts. Online methods of advertising are much cheaper; in fact some of them are totally free.
Tracking your results:
It is possible to effectively track your results while using online methods of advertising. You can track the advertising source which is giving you maximum customers. You can identify such sources, invest your money and energy in them and see your sales grow. With offline advertising it is not possible to easily track out which sources are giving you maximum number of customers.
Ability to work from home: Starting an online business is a great way to work from home. Working from home helps you lead a lifestyle which you always desired. Working from home has its own advantages. Soon I will post the article:'Why work from home- Reasons to motivate you'.
I am sure I have given you enough reasons to make up your mind in order to start an online business.Click here to join for free. Just don’t let the desire of working from home to die within you.
good luck!