Tuesday, May 23, 2006


This article is continuation of the previous article 'Using your knowledge to build a website'.Make sure you have read it first.You might be wondering, now I have designed my content rich niche website, how do I make money from it?This article will deal with that.

How to convert your ‘content rich niche website into a money generating machine?

The various options which you can use to convert your 'content rich niche website' into a money generating tool have been listed below.You can follow either one of them or use all four of them together in order to convert your content rich niche website into a money generating machine.

Option#1: Join an affiliate program:

If you don't have a product of your own to sell from your website, this is not a problem because there are thousands of companies out there that will allow you to advertise their products for them.
To do this, you will become an affiliate. An affiliate is an individual who advertises another company's product or service in return for a commission for each sale produced. There are thousands of affiliate based companies on the Internet looking for people like you to advertise their products.
One of these companies which allows you to become an affiliate for free is SFI. SFI is a source for hundreds of quality products & services for your home, business, and family. (There are about 600 products ranging from common house hold items to nutritional supplements and weight losing products to business tools). You can take a look at the products available to you by clicking here. If you have already joined SFI, you can take a look at the products available in your personalized veruni store by typing in the browser address bar. Replace xxxx with your SFI ID.
If you have not yet joined SFI, click here to join SFI.
So sticking with coffee idea it would be good to be able to find a company that sells coffee and then place some of the coffee ads on your site. People having some sort of interest for coffee will visit your site, they might get interested in buying coffee when they see the ad on your site. You can then link your website visitors (via your special affiliate link), to the company's website where they can make a purchase. The company will detect that the visitor came from you and pay you a commission on the sale. For e.g. if you have signed up for SFI, you could place a banner ad for purjava on your website. You could also include-- at the top of the newsletter -- a link to your SFI Veriuni Store, which shows your customers how to buy PurJava liquid coffee. Pur Java is one of SFI’s products which you would be selling. People reading your newsletter surely is interested in coffee, they are very likely to buy the product. In fact if you want to try this delicious coffee for yourself, click here.
PurJava liquid coffee concentrate is the easy way to make just the amount of coffee you want—with no waste. PurJava coffee is obtained from growers and then shipped by air to ensure freshness. Produced in Lincoln, Nebraska, PurJava is created using a cold water process for pure coffee taste. The water is filtered and then purified in a way that extracts the maximum amount of pure coffee flavor.
People reading your newsletter might get interested in buying pur java coffee and thus earn you a commission. Also since coffee is a consumable product, if a person likes your product he will place an order again and again earning you a commission each time he orders. Thus you get your commissions without doing anything. Your initial effort was all that was required. This type of income is known as residual income, which SFI gives you.
You could add advertisements of other related products like cook books, recipe books etc. There are a number of coffee related books at . You can join its affiliate program and earn commission on books bought by the visitors from your site.

Option#2: Sell advertising space on your website: You can sell advertising space on your website to companies who could benefit from the visitors on your website. For example sticking with the coffee idea some coffee manufacturing company might want to put up a banner ad on your site, and they agree to pay you a certain fixed amount of money every time your visitor clicks their ad (CPC or cost per click).
Option #3: Selling your own knowledge in form of an E-book: compiling an E-book and selling it on your site is another way of making money from your site. Sticking with the same coffee idea, you can make an E-book by compiling selected quality recipes not available freely on your site and can sell your e-book. You can include some very good coffee making tips which you have not disclosed on your site. When people visit your site they see the free coffee recipes which are available on your site for general public, they might like them and would get interested in buying your not so expensive e-book containing hundreds of good quality recipes. An added advantage for you is that you can advertise your e-book on your site . In fact you can also make another E-book by compiling your free recipes and giving it for free to your visitors. Even though the recipes might be free on your site, giving them away free in your E-book can prove to be very beneficial. If they have your E-book they will get a repeated exposure to your ad for the paid E-book and may end up buying it from you.
Option#4: Make money through google adsense:In order to know in brief about google adsense click here.