Sunday, May 21, 2006


This article will help outline the basic idea upon which you can base your online business.
Ideas for building an online business
Before you start an online business, you need to have a plan. Always remember a quote by Sir Benjamin Franklin : " By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail". Before you start a business based on any idea, spend a good amount of time thinking about the idea for your business. Then carefully draw your business plan. Your business plan must include the following:

What exactly do you plan to do?
What will be your products?
What will be you advertising and marketing strategy?
How will you finance your business?
What are the milestones which you aim at achieving?

Once your plan is set up, you should begin step by step, completing each step with complete dedication and going to the next one only when the first one is fully complete.
Right now you just need to focus on first two questions.
Lets Consider the first question:
What exactly do you plan to do?

Do you want to build your own online business from Scratch?
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Do you already have an existing offline business? You can further expand your business and make it international by opening an online store (website) for it. The best way is to run an online store along with your existing offline store.
Now lets consider the second question:

What will be your products?
If you already have an existing offline business then it will be easy for you as you can sell the same goods online that you sell in your existing brick and mortar business. For e.g. if you sell toys in your offline store, you can expand your business further by selling these toys in your online store too. You can open your online store by making a website by name of your offline store e.g.
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If you want to build a brand new business for yourself you can do one of the following:

Convert your hobby into a business idea and make a flourishing online business: Simple hobbies can be converted in to a business. Many people are selling home made handicrafts etc on internet and are earning decently from it. You too can utilize your hobby to help you earn full time or part time earning by setting up a website and promoting your business online. For e.g.: if you love painting or photography you can put up your paintings or photographs on sale on your online store or your website. You can easily set up an online store, selling birthday and wedding cakes, hand embroidered gift items, hand knitted babies clothes, almost anything based on your hobby. Convert your hobby into a business idea and make a flourishing online business

Use your knowledge to build a website:
If you don’t have a local brick and mortar type of business or you can’t think of a hobby which you can convert into a business idea, don’t worry you still have the option of utilizing your knowledge and making a content rich niche website. (I will be telling you how?)You can set up a website to provide useful information and even earn money from it. You can look inside yourself and find your own unique concept for building a website. Each of us has knowledge about few things which others don’t know about. You too can make use of this knowledge and build a website based on it.

I shall be talking in detail about these two above mentioned options in my next articles