Sunday, May 14, 2006


This article will tell you about why starting an online business in today’s world can prove to be a future goldmine. You must not get involved in some get quick rich type of scam on internet. Put in hard work and energy into your online business, you will soon develop a gold mine. You can reap the results of this gold mine for life.

Here I am with the first article as promised yesterday. It is a reality that a large number of ordinary people with no special skills or knowledge are now spending their leisure time selling hobbies and services on home computers and internet. Many people are now making full time income by working from home, doing their own home based business. Transactions involving millions of dollars are taking place everyday on internet. For e.g. E-bay had begun as a simple little Website to make it easy to trade Pez candy dispensers. This small site now has turned out to be a giant online auction place of about 2,000,000 shoppers a day with over $86,000,000.00 spent in purchases every day. Now you can imagine the potential of doing a business over internet.In fact you can utilize the large customer base of e-bay by integrating your business with e-bay. The web is a great place to shop and buy things; there is a lot of selling and buying going on, over the internet. This simply means that internet has a huge business potential. Computers, broad band, internet, mobile phones and software for designing websites have now become cheaper and more easily available. It is estimated that about 500,000 people start a new business every year. If you are a bit entrepreneurial, you can reach a large number of consumers instantly over internet. You can take advantage of the huge pool of potential customers with an access to internet and set your own online web store and make big money online.Besides this, there are other advantages too of opening an online business which I shall mention in the second chapterI hope by now you are motivated enough to venture out into an online business. Don’t let this motivation die off. Start dreaming of a life when you will have no scarcity of money once your online business starts flourishing. Keep this dream in your mind always. This will help you go a long way.I will soon try to post the next article,’ Benefits of opening an online business’ This article will address other advantages of opening an online business’.