Monday, May 22, 2006


This article is a continuation of the previous articles and tells you how you can use your own knowlege to build up a website.
Using your knowledge to build a website
If you don’t have a local brick and mortar type of business or you can’t think of a hobby which you can convert into a business idea, don’t worry you still have the option of utilizing your knowledge and making a content rich niche website. You can set up a website to provide useful information and even earn money from it. You can look inside yourself and find your own unique concept for building a website. Each of us has knowledge about few things which others don’t know about. you can make use of this knowledge to build your online business.
In a nutshell, when you are starting from scratch, you must plan to build a Content rich Site which focuses on a specific theme (niche).
Niche Website is a site that is clearly focuses on a single product or a single market segment or a single theme. To be more specific you must try to build a content rich niche website. You must look for an un served or underserved niche market.
In today’s world when you can’t find something, you don’t look for it in the encyclopedia like you did in the olden days; instead you surf for it on the internet by going to your favorite search engine. The Internet is vast and most people looking for information or products on the Internet use search engines to find them. In order to get your site noticed on the Internet you need to get listed in these engines. If your site is listed in the first three pages on doing a search engine based search, it has a high probability of being read by the people looking for that term.
Now how to look for an idea inside yourself:

Do this exercise when you are really feeling fresh, after taking a nap, after taking a long relaxing shower or after a good night sleep:

List down, all your hobbies, passions, pastimes, interests and daily activities on a piece of paper. Think about the things you do everyday, think about the things you are really passionate about.
Then go down the memory lane, list up the things you did as a child, in school, in college and so on. Ask your friends, relatives, and people you are close to make a list of the things which they think you like to do. Compare their list with your own. If you have missed something add it to your list.
If you can’t think of something yourself, think about people around you, your friends and relatives, think about the things they do and their hobbies, list them down too.

Out of the list select three concepts which appeal to you the most. At this point don’t think about website or business or money just think about things you are really passionate about. If you are really passionate about your topic, you will remain highly motivated through out and will keep working on it. Hence you will definitely achieve your goal. If you are not passionate enough about an idea you will soon get demotivated, lose your interest, become frustrated and give up even before you have begun.

For e.g.: Let’s say that the list of three concepts which appeal to you most turns out to be:
Drinking coffee
Now you might think ‘this is a very bizarre list, how do I begin from this’. You must be wondering 'How can I do business with any of these'?
In fact you can start business based on any of these ideas:
Let’s take the first one: cooking for example.
Let’s imagine that you have your own set of Christmas recipes running in your family which probably you have learnt from your parents or grandparents and you think they are really unique and yummy. Let’s also imagine that you would not get them in any of the recipe books. (You just cannot copy recipes from a book on your site without taking permission from the author). You can start your own website something like in which you can list down various recipes under headings like: starters (subheadings: soup etc), main course dishes (subheadings: vegetarian, non-vegetarian etc), salads (subheadings: vegetarian, non-vegetarian etc), desserts (subheadings puddings, Christmas cakes, trifles etc) etc. If you want to add more pages to your website, you can include other sections like: snacks ( subheadings: sandwiches, cookies, biscuits, short bread, muffins, pastries etc) low calorie recipes, recipes for the diabetic, gluten free recipes, recipes for kids, etc. No Christmas lunch or dinner is complete without a good wine selection or a delicious cheese board. You can include a section about wines and another one on cheese.
Let’s take your second interest: drinking coffee:
Let’s imagine that you are really crazy about coffee and you could do anything to get a good refreshing cup of coffee. You keep experimenting with different coffee brands and keep trying new ways for making different types of coffees. You know how to make many dishes using coffee. You might be having your own special technique for making different types of coffees. You could make a website exclusively dealing with coffee and put all this information on it or you could club it up with and make a subsection for coffee, in which you could put all this information. You can write about different types of coffees (e.g. Espresso, Café Americano, Café Latte, Cappuccino, Café Mocha, Fresh Brewed Filter Coffee, etc). You could write about different types of coffees available world wide.
You could even ask your visitors to submit their own favorite recipes or any ‘interesting coffee fact’ and put them on the website with their names and a link to their sites (if they have one). Then you can create a newsletter (monthly or weekly) that would concentrate on a special recipe, which you can call ‘recipe of the month/ week’.
Presence of a website allows visitors all over the world to submit their recipes. Interesting recipes with coffee are made world wide (e.g. ‘Afogato is a classic Italian dessert which is simply made by pouring freshly made espresso coffee over scoops of vanilla ice-cream.) Such International recipes present on your site will attract visitors from all over the world. You can frequently add new recipes on your site to encourage your visitors to visit again and again to find what is new. You can include your own thoughts and other related information you can collect related to coffee. You can include nutritional information about each of your dishes, tips for healthy living, etc.
Talking about the basketball idea:

Let’s imagine it is not you but your brother or friend who is crazy about basketball and loves to collect basket ball related news. He has got videos of most of the interesting matches. He has even made a scrapbook containing pictures of his favourite players and news paper cuttings related to basketball. He has written articles describing some of the favourite and interesting matches; he has even written articles about his favourite players, their life and their game. He has collected information related to history of basketball and how the game evolved over centuries. Provided he agrees to give you his favourite scrapbook, you can covert it into a web-site explaining everything about the game, players and can keep collecting and adding the latest news related to basketball. You can even add the video clippings showing highlights of some interesting matches, which your visitors can view. You can even add a gossip column about basket ball players to make your site juicier.
Whatever site you make, you must make sure that your site is loaded with useful information. 'Content is the King' is famous in webmaster’s terminology. Search engines love sites rich in information. What ever your theme is, use your imagination to find what all information you can add to your site.
Now you have created a content rich niche website. You must be wondering,'How do I make money from this web-site? The next article will show you HOW.