Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Hi,Today I want to share a new idea with you, the idea of working from home. Today’s article will provide you with many reasons to work from home.

Why work from home- Reasons to motivate you

Think of the reasons why you want to work from home and earn some extra money. I am sure even you would be able to associate your self with a few of below mentioned reasons for starting to work from home.

Maybe you are too tired of the rat race and sick and tired of commuting to your office. You don’t want to spend hours in buses and train everyday.
You are working for a boss who never seems happy with you and is always looking for some reason or the other to put you down. You are under stress all the time. When you come back home you are just too tired and stressed out.
You cannot spend quality time with your kids. You don’t have time to play with your kids. You want to see your kids grow, participate in their activities and games, read them stories, watch them smile. You want to capture moments of your child’s growth, when your child first started walking, or first climbed the stair, but you missed it all because you are never at home. You are working to make both ends meet, you are working to ensure a secure future for your kids and family with whom you are dying to spend some quality time.
Maybe you are retired and short of money, you don’t want to indulge in too much physical activity and want a work at home job which can be easily moulded around your existing schedule.
May be you are just looking for some extra income, to supplement your existing job.
Maybe you want a new car. You have a small hatchback, which is enough for you and you wife, but you want to have kids and so you need a bigger car. You have your eyes on BMW, but you don’t have a clue about how to arrange the finances.
Maybe you need a bigger house, especially because you are awaiting the arrival of your second kid. You are a mom now, you cannot afford to stay out of your house for long hours, and you don’t trust your kids with the baby sitters. After all they are your kids, your blood. But giving up your existing job means you might land up in a debt. You wish you could stay at home, take care of your kids and at the same time contribute towards the family income; home based job is the best opportunity for you.

If you have a strong reason as a driving force, you are more like likely to succeed. Your motivating force will prevent you from giving up. Everyone has good days and bad days, you will have them too. When ever you feel like giving up, think of your reason and ask yourself why I am doing all this? Imagine things that you would do if you really could achieve that financial freedom you are looking for. Start dreaming your dreams. What will happen when they become true? Don’t worry they will turn true eventually. The key is not to give up. Keep doing your bit of work piece by piece day by day and it will soon materialize into a beautiful picture. Just stay focussed and don’t give up even before you actually begin. You might just get frightened on being exposed to a lot of information, which for most of us is something very new. Just take new things in your stride, keep reading, learning and working. The end of the tunnel is just about to come. Beside these think of the things you had always dreamt of, you could pursue them since you would have a lot of free time at hand to do so. Maybe you wanted to go on a world tour and enjoy nature’s wonders or maybe something like doing social service for which you never had time or money, you could do them now.
Just like every thing else in life, working at home has it's own pros and cons. But then, in face of so many advantages if you do have to face a few disadvantages, it surely cannot stop you from working from home

Now a little advise for today. Tonight when you sleep, think of all those things you could do by working from home. But before you go off to sleep take your first step. Click here to join for free in case you haven’t done so. When you wake up next morning you shall be bursting with energy to work from home. Tommorow will come with a promise of financial security for you.