Wednesday, May 24, 2006


In the last few articles I had been telling you how to use your knowledge in order to make your own information product in form of an e-book. In this article I have further expanded this idea. This idea is especially suitable for moms who want to work from home as they are forced to stay at home because of their kids.

Work at home idea for stay at home moms

It can be really cumbersome for the new mom to take care of her first new born kid. Let us assume that you are a mother of three kids and have faced all those problems which a new mother is likely to face. You can write articles about different problems you faced and how you tackled each of them. A few examples are: what do you do if the baby does not stop crying, how do you develop a proper sleep schedule for the baby, how often do you feed your baby? How to develop a sleep routine for new born babies? How and when to start weaning? etc, etc. You can write articles on numerous such topics and then compile them into a nice e-book. This e-book is likely to attract attention of lot of pregnant ladies and new mothers. You can sell this book on your website or online store. If you are successful in your first venture, you can come up with another book dealing with toddlers and their problems. In fact you can come up with a whole series of e-books each dealing with a particular stage of child’s growth starting from new-born baby to toddler to school going age to adolescence. Once you start you will come across plenty of articles you could include in your e-books. See how simple that is, all you will have to do is to design a website, put your e-book for sale and then promote your website. You can also add advertisements related to baby products. You can exchange links with the related sites. Once your the site starts selling well, you can also plug in an affiliate program to really boost profits. When someone visits your site to read an article about weaning, she may get interested in an advertisement on your site dealing with baby food. She might decide to click on it and even buy it if she likes. You earn a little commission from the sale of the baby food. In the long run she applied the weaning tip you had mentioned in the article, so she took note of your site. The baby really loved the baby food. So she starts to buy it on a regular basis meaning regular commission for you. She frequently visits your site whenever the baby has any problem, and then finally decides to buy your e-book (all the series) because she really finds them useful. But then she has a better idea she decides to become an affiliate and thus earns commission on the purchase of those e- books. She organizes a birthday party for her kid. During the party she mentions about your e-book to all the other mothers. Many get immediately interested and decide to buy it from her. Being an affiliate she earns commission on the sales. And for you, there is increased traffic to your site, without you doing any advertising and there are increased sales. You might have given a certain amount of commission to your affiliate but you didn’t spent anything from your pocket after that initial sum you had invested in your website and e-book. See how simple it is even for a mother of three kids to run a home based business by staying at home and selling her own knowledge in form of an e-book. You don’t have to be a MBA or an internet guru to do this.