Sunday, May 14, 2006

welcome to my new blog

Hi all,
Welcome to my new blog. As the name suggests, the niche of my blog is based on online business. You can consider this blog as an online book or a course which will start right from the basics of an online business and then take you to more advanced topics. This blog basically will deal with how one can work from home by opening an online business and earn good amount of money from it. This blog will help all those people who are interested in working from home. This specially includes: stay at home moms, retired individuals, single parents, people who have been laid off from job, people who are confined to home due to disability or chronic sickness and basically any one who wants to work from home. In fact anyone who is looking for some extra money or wants to be self employed and be his own boss will find this opportunity very lucrative. So don’t miss this online work opportunity which will help you make some extra money by working either part time or full time. It does not matter if you don’t have any previous experience about managing a business. All you need is a computer, internet connection and a will to succeed. I shall be dividing this blog into sections. The first section shall be dealing with: ‘Basics of online business’. I understand that basics can get very boring at times but in order to know anything well you need to start right from basics. If the foundation is not strong, the building will fall. This section will prepare you with a strong foundation to succeed in your online venture. This section will deal with ideas to start an online business, how to operate from home and the basics of advertising your business.
I shall start with section 1 from tomorrow. Bye for now, see you soon with the next article.