Friday, June 30, 2006


As promised, in my next few articles I shall be telling you about other ways of earning money on Internet starting with zero investment.
All the sites I shall be telling you about are totally free to join. You can join today and start earning money. I advise you to join all the sites as all of them work on different principles. By joining all of them you can gather multiple sources of income. You must accumulate all the money you are able to earn and invest it in your online business. Don’t worry you just need about 50$ a month for advertising a business opportunity like SFI. All the sites that I am telling you about are genuine and have helped me earn money, which I use as my advertising budget. I advise you to do the same. However you must remember that making money through any site requires hard work, patience and persistence. It took me over six months to have a continuous flow of money from these sites. Now I shall tell you about these sites. First one is :
Cashfiesta is a US site which works well internationally. You can make money from this site, without many efforts from your side. How much money you earn and the speed with which you earn it depends on how many hours you remain online everyday. They offer you a number of programs which you can sign up to increase the rate at which your points will be converted to cash. Click here to join now and start earning some money.
Copy and paste the website address on your browser and go to this site. Download the cash fiesta bar after signing up. When ever you are online, all you have to do is set up the fiesta bar. It will occupy the top of your browser, reducing the size of the screen somewhat, but that does not matter really, you can keep doing what ever you want to. The fiesta bar will keep displaying some advertisements. If you are interested in any click on it, else keep doing your work, Just keep an eye on the fiesta man. When it starts acting weirdly, either it starts running on the screen or stops moving at all, just click on it. You keep collecting points as long as the fiesta bar is on your screen and you are online. Exchange your points for some money, as cool as that. If you are interested in gaining more points just sign in for the free offers listed, though it is not obligatory. Refer your friends to this site and increase your earning. Once you reach the 50$ mark you can redeem your points for a check. They don’t pay via pay pal but they do deliver the check world wide. They pay you in dollars. You can work from any country in the world. Downloading the fiesta bar does not in anyway affect your internet speed. There is no spy ware or any kind of invasion of your privacy. So you can safely earn some money from this site.

Another easy way to collect some money is to start filling up paid surveys. That is an easy way to make money and does not take much of your time too. You can easily continue filling up paid surveys and building your business side by side. you can advertise your business using the money you have earned from the surveys.